Tour Guide Eligibility Test

Tour Guide Eligibility Test

You’re heading to India and want to learn about its history, culture, and geography. But instead of hiring a tour guide or paying for expensive tours and excursions, why not explore the country on your own? In that case, it’s important to have a good understanding of what it takes to become a tourist guide in India. This article will give you all the information you need on what qualifications are required for this position as well as how to prepare yourself before taking the Tourist Guide Eligibility Test (TGET).

TGET is an Exam to Qualify for a Guide

The Tourist Guide Eligibility Test (TGET) is an exam to qualify a guide. It is conducted by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, which issues the eligibility certificate required to become a tourist guide in India. It’s a national-level test that is held once a year in May/June. Most tour guide roles require a high school diploma as a minimum qualification. However, other tour guide jobs require a degree. For example, to become a museum guide, you may need a bachelor’s degree in a museum-relevant program. If you are considering working as a tour guide as your career, then pursuing a tour guide-related program is the ideal plan. For example, you could focus your education on subjects such as public speaking, history, transportation and safety.

Become a Tourist Guide by Qualifying

You can become a tourist guide eligibility by qualifying for the Tourist Guide Test (TGET). You need to have a degree and at least two years of experience in your field of study. You can also qualify if you have an appropriate postgraduate qualification or work experience that equates to 12 months of full-time employment in the tourism industry within the last five years. The maximum age limit is 35 years old, but there are no minimum age requirements for entry into TGET 2018. Once you are certified and ready to work as a tour guide, the next chapter is finding a job. You can start your own tour guide company or find a job. Apply for tour guide jobs in multiple companies for a chance of securing at least one job opportunity. You can also search for tour guide jobs online.

Tour guide training is not a one-time thing. Guides acquire new skills and knowledge every day. The more information a tour guide has, the better they can do their job. Keep reading and discover new things to increase your value as a future employee. The term “tour guide” is also sometimes used to describe a person who leads tours around historic buildings, sites, cities, or neighborhoods. Tour guides may be employed by museums, historical societies, or other organizations interested in preserving local history and culture.

TGET is Divided Into Three Papers

TGET is divided into three papers on the basis of your qualification and experience.

  • Paper A: This paper is for those who have a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management, or any other field related to tourism.
  • Paper B: This paper is for those who don’t have a degree in Tourism but want to pursue this career path as a professional guide.
  • Paper C: This paper is only open to those who already work as tourist guides or work closely with tourists (for example, tour operators).

Tour guide jobs are a fun and rewarding way to share your love of travel, seeing the world and learning about the culture and history of people from different countries and regions. Tour guides work primarily with tourists and visitors but may also work with locals who are interested in learning more about their city.

Tour guides can be found at museums, historical sites, and other locations that feature unique elements of local culture. Some tour guides specialize in specific private individuals or groups, while others work with larger groups of tourists around the world.


We hope this post has given you a clearer picture of what it takes to become a tour guide in India. We encourage all our readers to take up this profession as it is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. These jobs are exciting if you want to travel and meet people from different cultures, but rewarding for learning and understanding how the industry works and how you can qualify for the job. Increase your chances of being hired as a tour guide by meeting all qualifications and getting certified and pursuing a relevant degree. In this article, we discuss the role of a tour guide, how to become a tour guide, the average salary and job outlook of a tour guide and the skills of a tour guide.